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Open Channel Solutions works closely with its partners to provide the support and service needed to grow their deal sizes. Our professional partner team gives you the sales tools and technical resources that you need to grow your business. Once you've been accepted as a OCS partner, your company gains access to sales and marketing resources, training opportunities, and the pre-sales and technical support you need to close more deals.

Some of the benefits that you'll receive as a OCS Partner include:

Personalised Support – With OCS, you're more than a partner, you're a part of our family. Each OCS partner has a personal relationship with our company. Our Partner Support team is available to help you through the sales process and to give you the custom recommendations and other tools you need to close bigger deals.

Pre Post Technical Support –  OCS provides our partners with pre and post sales technical support to assit partners with successful implementations of solutions. Our Technical support team can also be sourced to assist with implementation of solutions on behalf of partners that do not have the technical capability.

Special Promotions – OCS partners get access to exclusive promotions for their customers. Special Promotions are regularly offered and can provide the advantage you need to make the sale.

Access to Partner Materials –Partners always have access to our latest price lists, financial terms and other product documents. Partners can be sure that they've got the latest sales materials, product release documents and pricing information.

Training Opportunities –Educated partners can help customers make better business decisions.OCS takes training seriously and offers partners exclusive access to the latest product and sales training opportunities.

Demo/Evaluation Access –OCS partners can get exclusive evaluation access to the products we sell. Getting to know the products firsthand will help you make better technical recommendations for your customers and can help you grow deal sizes.

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