ModusLink Global Solutions, Inc. (NASDAQ: MLNK) is a leader in executing value chain strategies to drive the supply chain, aftermarket and e-Business processes of the world’s largest technology and consumer goods companies.  Our solutions span the cradle-to-cradle, multichannel product lifecycle:

  • from supply chain activities such as sourcing, configuration and fulfillment;
  • to revenue-generating e-commerce, customer service, and brand loyalty solutions;
  • to aftermarket returns, repair and resale.

ModusLink’s profit-optimized, sustainably designed value chains can maximize your cost, time-to-market, customer satisfaction and revenue objectives.

Global Reach …

Our global footprint of more than 25 solution centers in 14 countries is unmatched in the industry, giving us existing infrastructure where many manufacturers do not, enabling a wider reach without the capital investment.  Outsourcing of supply chain business process results in the flexibility required to react quickly to shifting dynamics impacting value chain performance and revenues.

… Local Market Expertise

With decades of experience executing end-to-end processes across our clients’ global value chains, ModusLink has built a knowledge-base of regional best practices, including tax and VAT regulations, customs requirements and transportation infrastructure reliability.  We can develop a multilingual webstore, process payments and provide contact-center support wherever your customer base is located. 

Value Chain Solutions

Supply Chain

ModusLink’s global supply chain processes have been developed and refined through collaboration with the world’s leading high-tech brands.  We help clients improve operating efficiency, reduce time to market and enable revenue growth with:

  • Complex sourcing and delivery of critical components to manufacturing locations 
  • Configuration of consumer products for end-market use at the optimal point in the supply chain
  • Fulfillment of product on behalf of clients to multiple channels
  • Sustainable supply chain optimization and packaging redesign


Integrated forward and reverse logistics are essential to maximize aftermarket profitability.  It is ideal to solve for the aftermarket product lifecycle during supply chain design.  But our aftermarket solutions can unlock value in reverse logistics services for any existing value chain looking to streamline returns efficiency and asset recovery while increasing post-sale customer satisfaction. Services include:

  • Comprehensive returns management, including interactive customer service and triage
  • Level 1, 2, 3 and 4 repair performed by skilled technicians
  • Alternative  B2B and B2C recovery channels through which brands can opt to white label at-risk inventory to prevent competition with primary channels


With ModusLink’s e-Business Suite of Solutions, brand owners and retailers can increase revenue potential and enter new markets, while improving customer intimacy, satisfaction and loyalty. Our operating infrastructure enables configuration and fulfillment of products sold online from the most strategic location, for rapid delivery with minimal cost.  Choose from a menu of integrated end-to-end services: 

  • Hosted and managed e-commerce portal solutions
  • Self-service customer returns
  • Subscriptions product activation and upgrade management
  • Financial management and fulfillment

Entitlement Management

The transparency of our entitlement management solutions allows you to safeguard and control access to digital and multimedia content, product features and services yet have the visibility needed to open additional revenue channels through renewals and upgrades.  Services include:

  • Centralized, multichannel order management
  • Media asset management
  • Time- and contract-based automation of subscription renewals and expiration notifications
  • Digital activation of hardware capabilities


To visit our global website, please click on the following link: http://www.moduslink.com

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